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Marble Surface


I consider each, a tiny piece of art that can go with you anywhere.  Most are created with the same process as their larger counterparts.

The glass used in most is a bit different, it is called dichroic glass.  Dichroic glass is a special kind of glass that has melted Quartz Crystal and/or Metal Oxide coated on glass in a vacuum.  This creates a sparkle and glow to the glass.   Some even look metallic.  

Some have a glass enamel image fused into the glass, while others are hand painted and some a little of both.  

A few of the larger pieces can be used as ornaments on small trees or hanging in the window to catch the light.

You can hang larger pieces in a small frame as art and then pull out and wear.

Marble Surface

About My Art

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy what I create as much as I love creating it.

My art is warm glass, which is different than blowing glass, in that warm glass is created in a kiln with heat, gravity and molds.

I use a variety of glass in all its forms from sheet to powder, paper and glass paint, metal foils and thin metal strips.

Heat is used in a range of temperatures up to 1700 degrees, depending on the result I am after.  Glass becomes pliable and to some degree liquid with heat.  At lower temps with the help of gravity glass begins to bend, drop and form into the shape of the mold that is used and at higher temps it will melt together and becomes one piece of glass.

Time is also a factor in the creative process.  The longer that something is left the more it will allow gravity and heat to work its magic.

There is a balance of type of glass and inclusions, temperature and time at each level of the process.

Coldworking is the final process, that is done with wet saws, grinders and sanding.  It is a messy process with water flying and splashing about and I love it.

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